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Premier Ordering Sessions- Custom photography, Lebanon, MO

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Back before I quit my job to be a stay at home mom and pursue photography full time, I worked at a local car dealership. One day I was supposed to meet up with some friends for lunch. I walked out to my vehicle and dug through the mess that was in my purse trying to find my keys. Then I looked through my car window only to see my keys dangling in the ignition. I kind of have a history of locking my keys in my car, so although it was frustrating, it wasn't a total surprise. So since I was running late anyways, I just ran back in the dealership and asked if I could drive one of the new vehicles out on the lot. I jumped in one of the brand new SUVs and headed to lunch without any instructions on all the bells and whistles this fancy ride had. After lunch I jumped back in my borrowed ride, soaked up that wonderful new car smell and then I was stuck. All my friends had drove off and were headed back to work and I was just sitting there in the parking lot because I couldn't figure out how to get the vehicle to turn on. Well after several minutes of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, I finally had to call one of the salesmen back at the dealership to tell me how to operate the fancy piece of equipment. (Come to find out, if you are using a fancy key that is able to start the vehicle without being in the ignition, you have to push the brake in...FYI)

I am telling you this story because here I was sitting in this beautiful vehicle with amazing features, but because I just jumped in and took off without any idea of how to use it, all that stuff was not doing me any good. That is how I feel I am treating my clients right now. It is my true desire to offer a complete custom experience for each one of my photography sessions from start to finish. Up until this point, each session includes a pre-session consultation to help plan your session (what to wear, what the session will include, props that you like, etc), your session is completely customized to your style and liking, but then I just feel like that custom experience stops at this point. By just placing each session's gallery online, I feel like I am just throwing my clients in a new vehicle and saying good luck! I am very passionate about creating beautiful images for your family to keep and enjoy for years to come, but I understand that deciding what to do with those images can be a very overwhelming task. That is where the Premier Ordering Sessions come in. I am very excited to start including the Premier Ordering Sessions with each session as a free service to my clients!

What is a Premier Ordering Session??? At your photo session, we will schedule a time for you to either come back to the studio or for a more personal experience, I will come to your home. During the ordering session, you will get to view a slideshow of your beautiful images. Then you will be able to view samples of different products that I offer, see samples of what different print sizes look like, ask any questions that you might have about different custom products, and I can even help you design a wall display if you would like. I have had clients tell me that they love their online gallery, but they feel a little overwhelmed with the task of figuring out what products would look best on their wall or what size prints would be the best to display in their home. Custom photography is an investment, and it is much easier to make a decision about an investment when you feel more informed. I want my clients to feel that they have gotten the most out of their custom photography session. At your ordering session, I will help you put together your order so that you can feel more comfortable about the investment that you are making. Then after your order has been placed, I will put your gallery online so your friends and family can still view and order.

Custom photography is more than just smile and say cheese, it is an experience that you will be able to treasure for a lifetime. Please contact me at aglimpseofgracephoto@yahoo.com if you have any questions or if you would like to begin planning your session with me!

And since its all dark and rainy out today, I thought I would add a little sunshine. DSC_0623_1fbDSC_0623_1fb

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