A Glimpse of Grace Photography | Newborn Session Tips

Newborn portraits are taken sometime within the first 14 days after the baby is born, preferably between 5-10 days old. This gives you time to get home from the hospital and breathe a little, but your baby is still sleeping most of the time and is easier to pose. After 14 days old, babies begin to be awake and stretch out more. Baby acne is also more likely to set in. (If you are interested in scheduling a Newborn session for a baby that is slightly older than 14 days, please contact me.)

If you would like to have newborn portraits taken, please contact me sometime during your pregnancy and we will pencil in a session around your due date. Then when you have your baby we can adjust the session date as needed.

The key to a successful newborn session is having a super sleepy baby. So here are some tips for making that happen:

~Keep your baby awake as much as possible before the session. Perhaps give them a bath to help them stay awake.

~Feed your baby right before you come. We want your baby to have a full belly. 

~Bring your baby in something that is super easy to get off, perhaps some pajamas. Anything that you don't have to pull over the baby's head. That way if they fall asleep on the way to the studio, we have a better chance of them staying asleep.

~Bring a pacifier. Even if your baby doesn't typically take one, they can come in super handy to soothe your baby while trying to pose them.

~The studio is going to be super warm. You might think that it is a little toasty, but your baby will be nice and cozy!